Students’ Right to Their Own Writing

Student Guide

This guide supports your ability to write in your voice, using the words, styles, and patterns of your own language and of the audiences you wish to write for. We focus on written African American English in support of Black college student writers. We offer suggestions for working with your writing instructors (professors and TAs) to advocate for your writerly voice. We also advise on how to make decisions about the words, patterns, and styles you use in your writing.

Instructor Guide

This guide provides practical suggestions for supporting the linguistic agency of Black college student writers. We offer examples of adapting grading, feedback, and revision practices to foster critical thinking about written language, including about the power of African American English in academic writing. In addition to these examples, you will find downloadable infographics, sample papers with feedback, a self-assessment, and additional resources.

This work is sponsored by a CCCC Research Initiative Grant.